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With digitalisation on the rise, organisations find that they can automate certain tasks to ensure that business runs more efficiently. However, what happens if there is an IT disruption during working hours?  

While bigger organisations usually have an in-house IT team to handle such cases, this may not be the case for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs). 

A cost-effective way to solve this is for SMEs and NPOs to outsource their IT services to VGC Technology. Not only that but SMEs and NPOs can get the most responsive service at reasonable prices at the same time! VGC Technology will meet your IT needs as a one-stop IT solutions provider. 

Flexible Programs

Do you worry about whether a program taken up is suitable for your organisation? With VGC’s flexible program options, organisations can decide between getting a Comprehensive Support Program (CSP) or an Hourly Support Program (HSP). This is a truly cost-effective way for your organisation to solve your IT worries. 

The Comprehensive Support Program comes with: – 

The Comprehensive Support Program comes with: – 

Qualified & Certified Experts

If you are short of manpower and devoid of the skills to resolve your IT issues, this is where VGC Technology comes into the picture. We have always taken pride in the training and upskilling of our engineers.  

  • You will have access to our team of talents.  
  • Our engineers are all Microsoft-certified and have years of expertise.  
  • Armed with years of experience, our engineers are capable of assisting clients with the various IT-related problems faced. 

Responsive and accomplished, VGC Technology’s technical team is always there to the rescue! 

Always Up-to-date

Do you realise that your handphones are constantly needing system updates? Without the latest update available, your handphones become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The same goes for all the devices you use at work. Thus, it is always important to be up-to-date with current IT trends and technology.  

With technology evolving, cybercriminals are also finding ways to infiltrate organisations. Reduce the risk of data breaches by having our engineers verify that you have the latest software. 

With such assurance, you can ensure that your organisation faces minimal disruption and will be able to focus on work instead of internal cyber-related issues. 

Access to a Wide Range of Product Licenses

While VGC provides help with your IT-related issues, we also have our responsive sales team to assist you with finding the most cost-effective product licenses which suit your needs! 

Our sales team will help you source the best price for your product of choice and send a quote your way once it is ready. Our engineers are also trained to resolve issues related to the various product licenses you may take on. 

Direct Connection to Microsoft

VGC Technology is a Microsoft Solutions Partner, which means that organisations that have contracted our services can be assured that Microsoft-related challenges can be solved as quickly as possible. Our direct connection to Microsoft means that help is more responsive, and you will be able to solve your issues fast! 

Increase Productivity

As an organisation that must ensure that business runs smoothly daily, you may want to know more about increasing efficiency and getting work done quickly.  

To learn more about increasing productivity for your organisation and about how to reap Microsoft benefits, do join us for our free upcoming webinars which will be held in February!  

Scan the QR codes below to register. 

In this webinar, we will share information regarding the following:  

  • Offerings from Microsoft for Non-Profit Organisations 
  • Microsoft Productivity and Security Tools 
  • Cyber Essentials Mark as a service 
  • Other funding for Non-Profit Organisations 

In this webinar, we will share how organisations can protect their businesses with breakthrough cybersecurity solutions like Managed Detection and Response. 

In conclusion, Small and Medium Enterprises and Non-Profit Organisations do not have to be losing out due to a lack of technological expertise or funds. It is more productive to have access to a responsive team of IT professionals when the need arises.  

Protect your organisation, your people, and your data with VGC Technology. Reduce downtime and increase efficiency by outsourcing your IT services to us now! 

Contact VGC at sales@vgctechnology.com to learn more about our support program. We can arrange a Teams meeting to discuss and recommend a suitable program tailored to your organisational needs. 

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