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[MANAGED DETECTION AND RESPONSE] How does MDR Help Protect Your Organisation Against Cyber Threats? 

Organisations may find it challenging to maintain cybersecurity in this fast-paced world. It is frustrating when business operations are put on hold due to cyber-attacks on the company’s IT system. From malware to phishing and spoofing, there are various ways in which an organisation can find its cyber system hacked. A malicious data breach will not only put the business on hold, but it might also lead to a loss in profit due to low market confidence and a decline in trust! 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR), as the name suggests, is a managed detection and response tool wherein an outsourced group of remote cybersecurity experts helps defend your organisation against hackers through automated threat detection and response. 

MDR as a Cost-Effective Solution

Unlike big enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) usually lack the resources to grow their own team of cybersecurity experts to defend the company against malicious cyber threats. It is highly unlikely that an SMB would invest a lot of money into growing a cybersecurity team when its main sector is not IT-related, for example.  

As a result, taking up MDR as a security solution will help to cut costs. SMBs do not have to worry about what to do if the internal system gets hacked or worry about measures to take when the system gets compromised. And in the end, the cost is always lower than if they were to build up a team of cybersecurity experts within the organisation! 

MDR Encourages Usage of Adequate Resources

An organisation can benefit by getting MDR as it can then spend money on its main area of focus. Instead of forking out a lot of money to keep the cybersecurity environment safe, the organisation can devote the amount towards assets that contribute directly to its main source of profits.  

This ensures that the safety of the company’s cyber environment is assured, without compromising through cost-cutting of other necessary equipment. An SMB should not have to hire full-time staff to oversee the organisation’s defences. This will lead to a waste of resources, as there will be a portion of the budget reserved especially for this.  

It does not make sense for an SMB that is not in the IT-related sector to dedicate such a big cut of budget towards grooming a team of cybersecurity experts.  

High Volume Alert Management

It may be challenging to keep track of suspicious activities within your organisation’s cyberspace while you are focusing on getting your work done. If you want to take things into your own hands, there is the possibility that the person in charge will get overwhelmed should there be a high-volume alert.  

Does your organisation have the skills needed to identify which of these threats are significant, among the copious number of alerts coming in? 

This is where an MDR team comes in handy. You would not want to be flooded by alerts when you should be concentrating on something else. An MDR team will be able to help you monitor the situation and remediate each incident accordingly. 

Sophisticated Threat Identification

With MDR, when monitoring is being done by the relevant party, proper threat identification can be done. Our team of experts can classify and identify the severity level of each threat. It is not easy to groom a team of cybersecurity experts. Every professional in the team has abilities that have been honed throughout the years, for them to handle such incidents. Thus, it gives customer tenants like you peace of mind when such sophisticated threat hunting is being done on your behalf. 

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

With an MDR team, you will be able to sleep in peace knowing that your organisation is being protected even after official working hours. 24/7 monitoring ensures that there are experts to deal with threat incidents fast through investigation and remediation.  

As cyber attackers will try to hack into organisation systems when they think people are asleep, there must be round-the-clock monitoring. If such advanced threats are not addressed fast enough, the organisation may get compromised. No one would like to wake up and get to work, only to find out that the IT system has been compromised and company data has been breached. 

Always Staying Relevant

Cyber attackers are always evolving. Just like how technology is constantly progressing, hackers are also finding new ways to infiltrate and bring down organisations around the world. The experts in the MDR team have to keep on top of current trends. It is important that they continuously learn and find out how to tackle new problems. 

The danger arises when there is a lapse in knowledge, as failure to address a threat will lead to the organisation being compromised. This affects company operations and decreases productivity. Not only that, but trust between organisation and partners, as well as customers, will decline tremendously. 

Thus, it is important for MDR to always stay relevant. When there are new things to be learnt, they should be studied. When there are new updates to be installed, they should be put in place to decrease the possibility of organisations ever having a cybersecurity gap which can jeopardise them in the future. 


Managed Detection and Response is a great solution for any SMB that values its organisation and the people around them. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Rather than spending tons of money to build a team of cybersecurity experts, MDR provides a solution that is not only cost-efficient but also reliable and provides 24/7 monitoring of the organisation’s cyberspace.  

Therefore, if you have always wondered how you can further strengthen the cybersecurity of your organisation as an SMB, MDR is a solution you can get behind. 

In other news, VGC Technology is an official PSG vendor for the pre-approved Microsoft Cyber Security Solutions! If you would like to know more about the MDR solution we offer, do email us at sales@vgctechnology.com. 

We will also be holding a webinar on 22nd February this month if you would like to learn about MDR and how it benefits your organisation as a whole! 

Simply click here to register for the event. We look forward to meeting you online! 

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