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VGC Technology


In 2021, VGC has assuredly groomed all our employees into accomplished tech experts; with numerous Microsoft skill tests to ensure that their skills are sharp and up to date. With such proficient specialists on our team, we have successfully provided services to many satisfied clients. Additionally, we also conducted lifelong Digital Transformation training for all our clients. These training include Microsoft Products such as Teams, OneDrive , Sharepoint , and especially on Cybersecurity. With the training that we have conducted for them, customers have seen improvements to their efficiency, as well as, their internal communications, which has in turn boosted their company’s performance. Furthermore, with the ever rising cases of cyber attacks, our cybersecurity training has enabled our clients to learn how to increase security and protect themselves from being vulnerable to any potential cyber threat.


Another issue that VGC has assisted our clients with is Migrating to cloud. Migrating to cloud can be a cultural and technical challenge especially for our local SMEs. It can also take a relatively long time to complete, particularly for large enterprises and unfamiliar end- users.Throughout the years, VGC Technology has successfully assisted our local SMEs moving their business environments into the cloud proven to be a well worth effort for these companies through creating a more effective business plan and operation system.

Some of our satisfied customers like Asiawide Print Holdings (Asiawide) and AdvanIDE have made the shift from on-premises applications and systems to Microsoft’s Azure cloud services with higher productivity and better staff work experience.

Below are some of the success stories assisted by VGC...

Building a Modern Workplace

VGC & Microsoft & AdvanIDe – Digital Transformation Borko Kovacevic, Director of Modern Workplace Solutions, Microsoft Singapore (left) and Timothy Ngui, Chief Operating Officer, AdvanIDe

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