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Amidst the Pandemic - Working From Home

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, even with vaccinations underway, working from home (WFH) is not going to go away. It has been a new norm when cases increased and has been by default to curb the current wave of Covid-19 infections.

WFH causes businesses and employees to operate online remotely compared to the interpersonal setting. Businesses also taking the cautious approach towards recalling staff back to workspace.

Remote work has created many challenges when WFH. Challenges like unreliable and slow Wi-Fi at home, unfamiliar to maintain the secure Internet connections and speeds on top of constant threats of malware and viruses and many more.

Since last October in 2020, VGC had conducted more than 300 online training on Teams, One-Drive, and SharePoint with our SMEs under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and Nonprofits Agencies, working towards Digital Transformation to enhance business processes.

End users like our PSG customers often think that Microsoft M365 Business Standard and/or Business Premium licenses are just for email corresponding and Office applications (i.e. PowerPoint, Excel and Word). It is more than that. The licenses offer many features allowing SMEs to explore and perpetual to Digital Transformation with cost saving such as Team Meeting, sharing of files with others securely and cyber security. This prompt VGC to continue providing free sharing sessions with our customers and users who are interested to find out more.

In recent 2 months, VGC has initiated a series of free webinar for our customers from small technical tips to new IT online. To date, VGC has completed nearly 50 free webinars on topics like cyber security, Azure virtual desktop (AVD) and Windows 365, Microsoft Teams and One Drive. More than 500 customers, from SMEs to Nonprofits Agencies participated the weekly session. The response was encouraging as participants expressed thanks in helping them into digital transformation to modern workplace. They desired for more such topics to be shared with them. They wanted more topics to understand the Microsoft features with better interaction between employees and clients during their transition process.

Not only did our participants benefited from the webinars, the employees in VGC too. Our staff exhibited more confidence and better interacting skills with our customers. They have a better understanding on their needs and concerns while WFH. Sze Hui, Product Specialist in VGC, stated, “It is more meaningful as I am able to pass knowledge to our participants. I hope they learned and have a fruitful session.” William, Business Development Manager echoed too, stated that, “We like to share with our customers who are not aware of the various M365 features, and should be learnt by every user for better work productivity.”

Vinc Tan, Managing Director of VGC was very impressed with the good response from the participants. “How to help our customers especially during the pandemic is always in my mind. As a Microsoft Gold partner, it is our responsibility to share with our customers and the benefit of using M365 with its many features that customers yet to discover for better business processes. The free training is in-line with our government’s digital transformation for all SMEs and Nonprofits agencies through training and adaptation.”

He added that if customers can master the Teams and the business-friendly features in Microsoft Business license, SMEs can benefit through saving money and enhancing productivity in their company with better work efficiency.

During the sharing session, we realised that some non-profit organizations were not aware of the available Free M365 Business Premium licenses and Free Azure Credit are being offered by Microsoft to Nonprofits to help them move their data to Azure Cloud. VGC is pleased to create such awareness and help Nonprofits agencies to save money.

He thanked the hard work of all team members and the opportunity of them to grow together with the company. He also thanked Microsoft to allow VGC to participate in the MSFT Let’s Skill Up! Program for their support and trust in VGC.

There are 21 webinars in the coming weeks. This round of webinars will be conducted by our interns and new employees. Find out more from our EDM and broadcast!