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VGC & Microsoft & AdvanIDe - Digital Transformation

Borko Kovacevic, Director of Modern Workplace Solutions, Microsoft Singapore (left) and Timothy Ngui, Chief Operating Officer, AdvanIDe Holdings (right) discussing the details of AdvanIDe’s move to Microsoft 365.

AdvanIDE is another succss story adopting the digital transformation using Microsoft 365 Business – a purpose-built solution for small to medium-sized businesses. VGC assisted the company to stay safe from malware and prevent data breaches and leaks. Since the implementation of Microsoft 365 Business, AdvanIDe has seen improvements in efficiency, better employee communication, growth and productivity to meet the demands of the company’s future.

Timothy Ngui, Chief Operating Officer, AdvanIDe Holdings using Skype for Business to communicate with his colleagues across the world (left), and accessing his emails using the Outlook mobile app (right)

In this day and age, data privacy and security has become more important than ever before. Widespread cyberattacks, along with commercial data breaches becoming more prevalent, has underscored the need for more robust security measures and enhanced privacy controls to be put in place, to minimise the risk of valuable data falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

All across the world, data privacy measures are being enforced to safeguard the rights of individuals in protecting their personal data. Singapore, with its Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and the European Union (EU), with its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are examples of some of the regulations that have been put in place to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal data for the digital age.

In anticipation of the security challenges that many businesses are facing today and will face in the future, Microsoft introduced a purpose-built solution for small to medium-sized businesses – Microsoft 365 Business.

With services such as Office 365 – which is the leading productivity service in the market, Enterprise Mobility and Security – and the rock-solid Windows 10, Microsoft 365 enables us to service our customers through the hyperscale cloud, infused with artificial intelligence.

“We make sure that we balance productivity services that enable customers to be productive on-the-go with security features that will help them fend off attacks, stay safe from malware and prevent data breaches and leaks, to empower them with the ability to stay ahead of their competition,”

As a company that needed to move out its legacy systems rapidly due to organisation restructuring, AdvanIDe (Advanced Identification Electronics), one of the leading semiconductor providers headquartered in Singapore with operations across multiple countries including Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, Uruguay, etc., recognised the need to look for a technology partner that can empower the company to transform into a modern workplace, while safeguarding the business and ensuring compliance with EU’s GDPR.

Here’s a look at AdvanIDe’s digital transformation journey, as they partner with Microsoft to collectively build a modern workplace and lay the security and compliance foundation for the future of their business.

Making the shift to Microsoft 365

“AdvanIDe’s core products are used in the secure access market, including access management and control, automated fare collection and object identification, and secure ID and transactions. With security being a top priority for us, Microsoft’s ability to provide a secure foundation, along with its familiar ecosystem, ease of scalability and ability for rapid deployment, made Microsoft 365 Business a natural choice for us,”

AdvanIDe is one of the leading semiconductor providers, focused on components for RFID transponders, chip cards and RFID readers and terminals

Ensuring data security and compliance in the changing business landscape

Besides enhancing the ease of collaboration, the ability for AdvanIDe to apply flexible mobile device controls while protecting company information through Microsoft 365, has empowered its employees with the freedom to work with their preferred devices on-the-go.

“In the past, we could only wipe the mobile device data completely through a full reset. But with Microsoft Intune, we can now choose to only erase the Corporate Content while leaving the employees personal information intact. This ring-fencing protects both personal and corporate data, and enables us to comply with personal data regulations in time to come,”