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Learn what an AI-driven future means for cybersecurity at Microsoft Secure

A version of this article was first published on the Microsoft blog.

Maintaining security across today’s vast digital ecosystem is a team effort. AI and machine learning have helped to detect threats quickly and respond effectively. Yet we all know that the best defense still requires human wisdom and experience. From a frontline security operations admin to the chief information security officer (CISO), every one of us brings a unique perspective that helps achieve our common purpose—to protect what matters.

As the threat surface increases with remote and hybrid work, security professionals are being asked to protect more with less. Tight budgets and timelines often leave little time to share knowledge, grow skills, or nurture the next generation of defenders.

That’s why I’m proud to announce a new annual security event designed to empower our community—join us on March 28, 2023, for Microsoft Secure. Register today.

Security is human-first and tech-driven

I’m continuously awed and humbled by the ingenuity and dedication shown by cyber defenders at every level of our partner and customer ecosystem. The first iteration of Microsoft Secure will kick off an annual event designed to build on that spirit of ingenuity. Technology helps our security professionals do more, and it’s always powered by people­­—the quietly fearless security professionals who make everything possible and the CISOs in boardrooms fielding security questions from colleagues. Microsoft Secure is for you.

Discover the latest comprehensive security innovations designed for you

Microsoft Secure will kick off at 8:30 AM PT with conversations on the state of the industry between Microsoft leaders helping to deliver the products security teams use daily. I have the honor of delivering this year’s keynote, along with Charlie Bell, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security, and we will share insights on how an AI-powered future in cybersecurity can create a safer world for all—you won’t want to miss this. Other speakers joining me include Joy Chik, President, Identity and Network Access, Microsoft, Bret Arsenault, Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft, and and John Lambert, Corporate Vice President, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Security Research.

Innovation sessions highlighting our latest product updates across security, compliance, identity, management, and privacy will follow our keynotes. And around midday, you can attend breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, and product deep dives organized around four themes:

  1. Discover technology across cloud security, security information and event management and extended detection and response, and threat intelligence enabled by AI.  
  2. Enable smarter, real-time access decisions for all identities and cloud-managed endpoints.  
  3. Minimize insider risk and safeguard sensitive information across platforms, app, and clouds.
  4. Guard against threats like ransomware with Zero Trust architecture and built-in security.

For more interactive learning, join these live-open discussions and engagement opportunities, including Ask the Experts, Table Topics, and Connection Zone forums. Plus, our team will provide insights and answers to your questions in the event chat in real-time throughout the day.  

Join your security community at this new event

Deep dive with your peers into six hours of fresh announcements, innovations, and comprehensive security strategies. By joining our very first Microsoft Secure, you’ll:  

  • Be among the first to see what an AI-powered future means for cybersecurity to help you protect more with less.
  • Gain insights from industry experts to help you defend today and shape the future of security for tomorrow.
  • Dive into deep technical content in the breakout sessions featuring extended detection and response, multicloud security, cloud-managed endpoints, Zero Trust, built-in security configurations, and more.
  • Connect with your peers in a live question and answer chat and have your most pressing security questions answered by Microsoft experts.

Join us at Microsoft Secure to get the simplified, comprehensive protection you need to innovate and grow. Together, let’s create a safer world for all.

Register now for Microsoft Secure.

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