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From sign language capabilities to gaming in Teams—here’s what’s new in Microsoft

By Colette Stallbaumer, General Manager, Microsoft 365 and Future of Work

Empowering today’s digitally connected, distributed workforce requires the right culture powered by the right technology. And the most effective teams are ones where everyone feels engaged, included, and inspired to collaborate with one another.

This month in Microsoft 365, we’re highlighting new capabilities to boost productivity and inclusion. We’re bringing gaming to Microsoft Teams to help foster team building, enabling you to send scheduled messages at just the right time, and improving accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing or anyone who uses sign language. We’ve also introduced the follow feature in Microsoft Whiteboard to help meeting facilitators keep the group focused and on topic, and a new tool IT administrators can use to help teams optimize their existing suite of Microsoft products. In this blog, we’ll explore these features and recent updates to the Microsoft 365 app—let’s dive in.